Corporate culture

Corporate culture

Core values: to create weath, repay society reflect the value

Shuangyi vision: to create social value, rflet penonel valiue. improve employeers’  happiness

Development goal: to become the largest composite material induatry base, realzing the harmonious development of companies, shareholdens, employees 

Talent concept: everyone is a talent.Shuangyi focuses on the development of each empioyee

Quality concept: quality is the foundation of enterprise's sunvival and development and it should exceed customers' expectation.

Service concept: to meet customer's needs and exceed customer's expectations

Business philosophy: keep up with the market and pay attention to a win-win stuation

Work style: earnest, quick, responsible , insisting on promises

Quality, environmental policy: to take the customer as the center, to meet cuntomer’s demand for quality, timely and acurately judge customer’s potential demand for quality, and continuously make progres; obsening law and dscpiline saving enegy and reducing consumptin, peventing polution for clear wate, blue sky and white clouds which human beings should have.

Quality goal: qualifed rate 98% of each inpecion, customer satfstic: more than 96%